Xi lanh không trục ZF

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ZF Guiding cylinder




  • Accuracy and high loading capacity.
  • The cylinder provides V-guide grooves on outer side which support the guide carriage by means of slide bars, the guide carriage is fitted to the sides of the cylinder tube, which means that the increase of the sloth width has no influence and can almost be adjusted without backlash.
  • As the guide grooves are integrated into the cylinder tube,the generally complicated and expensive installation of additional guide profiles is eliminated.
  • The adjustable slide bars are made of high-strength plastic. In combination with the anodized surface of the cylinder, these plastic gibes ensure a very favorable sliding effect.
  • Exceptionally compact and space saving.
  • Suitable for lower end supports, center supports, solenoid switch systems.
  • Utilizing cross supports, two guiding cylinders can be connected to form portal support systems with infinitely chosen stroke, which is applicable to variety of applications.
  • Provide highly versatile linear drive element which allows all designers and machine makers to implement future-oriented concepts at reasonable prices.


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Bore size: φ18 φ25 φ32 φ40 φ50 φ63(mm)